We start life not as a blank slate, but as a masterpiece perfectly designed by our Creator.  As very young children, we don't question this.  We are gloriously unencumbered by worry or fear.  We accept without question that we are exactly as we should be.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

PSalm 139:14


 But over time, as life and the people in it have their way, we begin to believe that our design is flawed.  We hide our imperfections and put on a show.  We might even begin to believe that our true selves are not all that lovable.  And when we believe that, we start to close ourselves off to God's love.  He is still pouring it out, but we find it harder and harder to see and accept because we no longer believe that we are deserving of it.

Our goal at The Chase is Real is to start clearing away the big lie that we aren't worthy of God's love and all the little lies that lead up to it.  Each week in What's New we share a challenge, a song, a meditation, and a verse.  We invite you to utilize these tools as often as you can, in whatever way suits your personality best.  They are small, but important steps towards developing new thoughts, and new habits, and a new life of living loved.