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Winning Women for Christ

The Chase is Real team is super excited to announce that we will be traveling to Georgia to present our "Hidden Masterpiece" workshop at the Winning Women for Christ retreat!  

The purpose of Winning Women for Christ is to establish an interdenominational ministry for women of today to help them broaden their knowledge and develop their skills so that they may more fully realize their God given potential as Christian women.


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7:00 PM19:00

Hidden Masterpiece Workshop

You were created from dust. Imagined by Hope. Molded by The One True Artist. Saved by the Son and Painted by Mercy. You were Polished by Grace and perfected by The Cross. You were created from dust... AND you are a Masterpiece. What exactly does that mean, "masterpiece"? Masterpiece can be defined as an artist's best piece of work made to be appreciated primarily for it's beauty or emotional power. It can create change, healing, and hope when seen by the right person.  It is valuable beyond measure.

As women, we often focus more on art being something "on display" or "finished" or "flawless" or "acceptable". We diminish our beauty and certainly our emotions by believing these untruths that ultimately hide the Masterpiece.   God, the ultimate artist marvels at His creation in you, in me, in us. During our time together we will journey through uncovering the true Masterpiece God created in each of us. We'll become aware of just what is hiding our splendor. And we'll press into living as loved and adored works of art. The hidden masterpiece is within you, the Artist is calling it out of you, the revealing process is long. Today is just the beginning...

Join us for a night out, a moment to breathe, to laugh, to enjoy friends, be inspired and encouraged, and of course,  a good cup of coffee and some tasty dessert.  There are no expectations here, just LOVE.  Come in your pj's or your work clothes knowing you are seen and known and accepted and valued.  We will journey together through eye opening stories, activities, discussion and leave a little more open than when we came.  

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