New Age

I don't usually do things traditionally. Like, ever. (Ummm hello... First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. I really went "new age" on that one). 

Church Lady

I've written before about not really ever seeing myself as a "church lady." Traditional bible studies aren't my jam and I literally don't understand the King James Version of the Bible. My husband was raised Catholic and I have attended a few services with him. I thought everything was absolutely beautiful within the church and service, and the traditions were very respected and that is admirable to me. What I learned though, for me personally, is that I've had a different relationship with religion and that has molded me to be how I am now and how I receive and hear from God.

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First of all. Watch the video. You'll die from laughter and then end with tears. It definitely pulls at the heart strings while you pelvic thrust along (just me?). Go ahead, I'll wait... 

This music video & song combo really got me. Of course there's the obvious: his grandma is turning 100 and he's spending the day with her. Helping her to feel ALIVE again in her old age when most people write you off for any fun. Minus the stripper (unless it's my hubs, and at that age I don't think his hips will allow the upside-down crotch thrusting but I won't protest a solid effort), I hope my 100th birthday goes exactly like this. I'm sure she, as a grandmother, feels loved, honored, and silly in the most life-giving way. It makes any grandchild want to drop what they're doing and spend a day with their loving "Gigi" or "Nana" or "Grams." Watch out Grandmom...I'm comin' for ya! 

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Carry On, Warrior

I read Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton in the first women's church group I ever attended. I began really going to church with my boyfriend (now hubby) towards the end of high school. Before that, my family did the regular attendance of holidays and occasional Sundays. We did our best to live by the good ole' southern morals and standards. As far as deep personal relationship with Jesus, that was a lofty idea.

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The Time is Now

We've done the engagement, the wedding, the first house (and the second), announcements, and the plethora of fun and exciting activities and parties that go along with all of those milestones. Our kids are nine, six, and just shy of two. We've decided I like my sanity, so no more baby announcements or newborn photo shoots will be sent out from our mailbox. Nobody stops me in the store just to tell me how adorable my gangly prepubescent kiddos are. I have my eye on a vow renewal, though, so I can relive the wedding planning fun at least one more time. Our crew is coming out of that amazing time during a person's life where you're establishing and building your family while constantly celebrating all of life's big events along the way. We're now coasting into a new "settled" stage. 

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You Are Worthy of Pajamas

"Can I borrow your clothes?" I asked my husband before reaching into his drawer for a pair of basketball shorts with paint stains on them and his oversized shirt from the high school soccer team's moment of glory as district champs. This was the norm for my bedtime routine. It started when I was pregnant since I could no longer fit into any of my own clothes and his just seemed so comfy. But that baby? She's about to turn two. 

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