This past year, I went away to a college that was about two hours away from my hometown. I came home about as much as any college student does...for special occasions and holidays (probably about once every two months, give or take). Whenever I did get to come home, it was only for a couple of days, three at the absolute most. So when I was home for this minuscule amount of time, barely even enough to adjust and catch my breath, I didn’t see any rational point in unpacking anything because I would just be putting everything right back in a day. So whenever I did get to come home, I lived out of a suitcase. 

Recently, after lots of thought and prayer and attempted planning, I’ve decided to trade in my major university two hours away in exchange for a community college in my hometown. I have been back for about three weeks now, and allow me to give you a list of where there are boxes and trash bags full of my things: my closet, the floor, rooms that aren't mine, the hallway, and my car.

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Parking Lot Interlude​

There are so many different types of people in this world; it’s what makes the world so great. Introverts, extroverts, people with OCD, messy folks, people who must be around others, people-pleasers, worriers, those who seem to always be “up” and happy, moody people. I tend to be a little bit of everything. Take a bottle and fill it half full with laughter, add a hint of melancholy, a dash of clueless, a tablespoon of fun, a pinch of people-pleasing, a heaping spoonful of annoying, top it off with a cup of “she can do it all,” then shake vigorously and VOILA! You’ve got Brooke (all of the fun without the morning-after headache). I’m a personality “mutt” if you will. The problem with a pound puppy personality is that at some point all of those traits clash and you burn.

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The Time is Now

We've done the engagement, the wedding, the first house (and the second), announcements, and the plethora of fun and exciting activities and parties that go along with all of those milestones. Our kids are nine, six, and just shy of two. We've decided I like my sanity, so no more baby announcements or newborn photo shoots will be sent out from our mailbox. Nobody stops me in the store just to tell me how adorable my gangly prepubescent kiddos are. I have my eye on a vow renewal, though, so I can relive the wedding planning fun at least one more time. Our crew is coming out of that amazing time during a person's life where you're establishing and building your family while constantly celebrating all of life's big events along the way. We're now coasting into a new "settled" stage. 

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