A Life-Changing Movie

I recently took a trip that my husband and I had been planning for a while. As usual, no matter how much I plan, I am always running around at the last minute stressing out. I end up doing a thousand errands and staying up all night packing. This time, one of the thousand things I was supposed to get done was write a blog about experiencing God at the movies. It wasn't due until after I got back, so I thought....plenty of time, I can write it on my trip, it's a long vacation. Then I got busy "vacationing" so I moved to Plan B and thought I could write it on the eight hour flight home. I wasn't stressed because I already had a movie in mind and an outline of the blog. No worries! I got on the plane and snuggled in my seat and decided that, technically, "vacation" wasn't over until the wheels hit the ground. So I decided no work yet; I still had time to relax and watch a movie. I decided on a movie called Before I Fall and what a journey that took me on. It was so good that I decided to write about IT instead of my original movie. 

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God in the Morning

For so many years, I was one of those people who got up and hit the ground running. I couldn’t brush my teeth and get out the door fast enough. I would take the kids to school then fill my days with work, exercise and volunteering. Back then, my relationship goals centered around trying to fulfill the needs of my family and friends (and my own!). Life was going by crazy fast and I just remember trying to hang on. There were many days where I just didn’t feel “prepared.” I THOUGHT I was doing awesome because I was checking so many things off my lists, running from one thing to the next. However, my life was high in the quantity of things being done but low in the quality of how they were done. Then I met someone who changed that.  


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True Love

My husband and I are in a very different season of life. We have raised three daughters who are semi-grown (19, 21 and 24 years old) and our youngest two are in college, so our house is mostly empty. It's "our time" as people like to say. The only issue is that my husband travels every week for work. He leaves on Monday and returns on Thursday or Friday (depending on how work goes). We have always been somewhat transient in our marriage. I am a flight attendant and for the first 19 years of our marriage, I had layovers. To start my workday, I had to commute to my assigned base which was in a different city, so one-day trips weren't an option. Back then, Jeff's job didn't require him to travel so it worked for us. Now things are reversed. He has overnights and I don't. The good news is that we have a routine that we are used to and it's just become part of our rhythm. The bad news is that some weeks I really miss him a lot. There are times that I can't wait for him to walk through the door. Every Saturday, after he's come home from a long week of work, I try and let him sleep in and relax when all I really want to do is go jump on the bed and yell, "What can we do today??!! Let's go to a movie! Shopping! Work out together! ANYTHING as long as it's together!" Needless to say, sometimes I get so excited to go and do whatever, but he is just exhausted. Bone tired. I really try my best to make the weekends about him so he can recharge, but it's hard because I want to be with him and have fun too. 

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Finding Your Water

Have you ever noticed the emotions that water can bring up for some of us? Many times, being around water brings us peace, like a nice hot shower at the end of the day. Or for some, a long relaxing bubble bath. It's almost as if water has a calming quality. It's God's way of saying, "Stop...just be still." When I go to the beach and finally get everything in place, the first thing I do is collapse in my chair and close my eyes to LISTEN. This doesn't just happen at the beach, but also in the mountains by a stream or even in my own backyard with the waterfall in my pool. It's as if we are connected to God through the gift of water. 

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Being Happy With Not Happy

When The Chase first decided to do a series on relationships with a "He Said, She Said" type of theme, I was super excited. My husband, Jeff, and I are total opposites and I envisioned videos that poked fun at that. It would be great. All I had to do was get him to film a short video with me while answering a couple of questions. My husband is an introvert so I wasn’t sure if he would put himself out there like that, but he said yes and we were a go.

The day came to film and I had the questions ready. I was prepared for some light-hearted banter, answering questions like, "Was it love at first sight?" and "Who liked who first?" But on the third question (What is the most annoying thing the other person does?), instead of a light-hearted funny answer, Jeff answered honestly and said, "you tell me how I think and feel."

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