Keep Dancing's been awhile. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but we've been quiet. Really quiet. As in "crickets chirping in the background" quiet. We simply haven't known what to say. We've been praying that God would be clear in a time when everything is so unclear. This might sound a bit dramatic and you're probably thinking, "Oh my goodness! WHAT in the ever loving world is going on?!?"

Rest assured friends, all is well. Put quite simply, pretty much everyone on the team is experiencing some of the more major types of chaos that come in life. All of us, in one way or another, are simultaneously encountering one of the few things you can count on in this life: change. More often than not most of us don't even notice the constant daily changes that come with living. (Like my grey hair. Six months ago, I had four strays. Now I have enough to cover a Barbie doll's head. When did that happen?!?!). But it's not that kind of change I'm talking about. It's the kind that is so big and momentous that it knocks a person right over. That's 100% where I'm living right now. And although I wish I could bounce right back (like those cool punching bags I had when I was little, with a super hero's face and a heavy sand bottom that popped right back up after taking a big hit), it's just not the case. And that's a strange feeling.  

In the midst of the upheaval, I hold tight to what I know. That God is God. He is good. And the chase is real. Even though I haven't been able to feel and recognize those truths as easily as I usually can, I have held them and claimed them and trusted them, even though I can't  see. I have found myself letting go because I haven't had the energy to do anything else, knowing that God's timing is spot on. In that, I find peace.

Tonight as I was reading a great fictional book called Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, I heard a message so clearly that tears came right to my eyes. One of the characters was sharing about her life, but I knew in my bones the message was for me. She said, "Life is not unlike cinema. Each scene has its own music, and the music is created for the scene, woven to it in ways we do not understand. No matter how much we may love the melody of a bygone day or imagine the song of a future one, we must dance within the music of today, or we will always be out of step, stumbling around in something that doesn’t suit the moment.”

Quite often the music woven into our experiences here at The Chase Is Real has been upbeat, excited music that has us dancing and moving and laughing as we share with you. That's the kind of music I LOVE and want to always have playing in my life. Epic songs that resonate deep within my soul. But right now, things are different. A slower song is playing with some sad notes and some hard chords. There are moments I find myself longing for that upbeat tune of before and desperately hoping for a future of joy-filled praise, but God keeps reminding me that now is now and swaying in His arms to the tune of what is playing is all He asks. There is something very holy and sacred and beautiful about this song.

So friends...we dance on.

What was, is not what is. And we don't know what will be. But we do know that we will faithfully respond in the moment and share as we are led, that we will continue to pray for and with you, and that in the midst of whatever song is playing that the chase is so incredibly real.

Lisa is a deep-thinker, a philosopher in cute jeans and flip flops, a Nutty Professor - mom style. She recognized God's presence at an early age and has lived life mostly open to Him.  She hears His voice in books, movies, and music - no matter the genre!  She is serious about the work of living Loved, loving God, and loving people.