A Life-Changing Movie

I recently took a trip that my husband and I had been planning for a while. As usual, no matter how much I plan, I am always running around at the last minute stressing out. I end up doing a thousand errands and staying up all night packing. This time, one of the thousand things I was supposed to get done was write a blog about experiencing God at the movies. It wasn't due until after I got back, so I thought....plenty of time, I can write it on my trip, it's a long vacation. Then I got busy "vacationing" so I moved to Plan B and thought I could write it on the eight hour flight home. I wasn't stressed because I already had a movie in mind and an outline of the blog. No worries! I got on the plane and snuggled in my seat and decided that, technically, "vacation" wasn't over until the wheels hit the ground. So I decided no work yet; I still had time to relax and watch a movie. I decided on a movie called Before I Fall and what a journey that took me on. It was so good that I decided to write about IT instead of my original movie. 

The movie is about a girl who keeps reliving the same day over and over again (think Groundhog Day, but set in high school). At first, she tries to alter her actions to affect the outcome of the day, but nothing changes. Then she gets angry and decides she is just going to be mean and hateful because nothing matters. I don't want to give away specifics, but she begins to see that her life wasn't what she thought it was.

It was an EXCELLENT movie! It stayed with me so much that I couldn't get rid of the "what ifs" about my own life. 


What if today was my last day and I got to experience it over and over until I got it right? What would that look like? What if I never trusted God to master my plot? There is a huge difference for me when I start my day with my devotional, asking God what HIS plan is for my day, versus waking up late and uncentered. It's so easy to be concerned with our own reality and miss how our decisions during the day affect the actions of those around us. As Christians, when we talk about our stories or where we see God in this world, those words literally have the ability to change someone's life....to give them hope. 

What if I had never prayed for a new church home for my family? What if I had never believed I was "Christian enough" to join a women's book study (which led me to join The Chase Is Real and share my stories with you!!!)?

I would be living a completely different life. 

How many of you are sitting there thinking the same thing? What if you decided to do things differently? 

All those things you imagine about your life but are too scared to act on, those leanings that you feel to help someone or stand up for your beliefs, what if you DID them instead of THINK about them and let the moment pass? Deciding to put God first, instead of doubt and fear, would completely change your outcome. Not only that, but the outcome of those around you. 

Give it a shot and see what happens. I would love to hear your stories...


April is wife to an amazing man, mother to three beautiful girls, and grandmother to the most precious boy EVER. She began to recognize God's chase at the age of 44, in a season of major change. April continues to search for God daily in the middle of this fast-paced, over-stimulated world, and when something makes her uncomfortable and challenges her she knows that God is knocking and she should listen.