​​​Jesus Calling

Do you ever get that desire to just hear God speak to you directly? You ask yourself, "Why can't it be like the old days when God wrote on the wall or appeared in a burning bush?" As human beings, we have a strong desire to hear God speak. We realize it doesn't always happen in a supernatural and audible way, but it does always happen through the Bible.

We may not always feel God is speaking, but He is! The Bible is full of His inspired words. Although these words are the most important ones we will read, they are not always easy to understand. This is where the devotional, Jesus Calling, has helped so much. Jesus Calling was written by a lady named Sarah Young. Sarah "endeavors to keep her writing consistent with the unchanging standard of the Bible, which is the only infallible, inerrant Word of God." This can bring confidence to a reader, knowing that the words written aren't just "feel good," but are intended to reflect Scripture.

Sarah's hope is that we can "enjoy peace in God's presence." She has created these writings with such a unique design. Each page is written as if Jesus is speaking to us directly. This is because she feels it helps us connect with God on a personal level. There are a few verse references at the bottom of each page that are the source of the content written. Each daily devotional is one to two paragraphs and is different every day. This devotional is for both men and women and is also applicable for a wide variety of ages. Also, Jesus Calling is available in Spanish.

On a personal note, Jesus Calling has impacted my life tremendously. One of the most amazing things about this devotional is that you don't ever have to be finished with it - there is no end! I have been reading this devotional since high school. When I get to the last day in the year, I flip all the way back to January 1st. You may be thinking, "Aren't you just reading the same thing every year?" Yes I am, but, just like the Bible, you can come to the same passage 100 times over years and years and God can speak to you in new ways, every time! We are always changing, but God's Word stays the same, and this devotional shares that same quality.

I have read through many devotionals since I became a Christian. They all have different ways of drawing us closer to God. I will continue to read Jesus Calling because I always feel the desire to hear from Jesus. The Bible is God's way of speaking to us and this devotional helps us see that clearly. It is my dose of truth and challenges what I need daily. If you are looking for a great five minute daily devotional to add to your quiet time with the Lord, then this is for you. It is time to answer because it's Jesus calling.

Rachel is married to her college sweetheart and a dog mom to her adorable Oliver and Harlee. She disciples middle and high school girls in East Orlando. Her hobbies include music, singing, sports, photography, shopping, journaling, and art.