New Age


I don't usually do things traditionally. Like, ever. (Ummm hello... First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. I really went "new age" on that one). 

Church Lady

I've written before about not really ever seeing myself as a "church lady." Traditional bible studies aren't my jam and I literally don't understand the King James Version of the Bible. My husband was raised Catholic and I have attended a few services with him. I thought everything was absolutely beautiful within the church and service, and the traditions were very respected and that is admirable to me. What I learned though, for me personally, is that I've had a different relationship with religion and that has molded me to be how I am now and how I receive and hear from God.

Raw Religion

When I entered into "religion," it was AFTER experiencing "relationship" with the Lord. Back in the beginning, I had never (I mean NEVER) read my Bible. But I could tell you exactly what it felt like when Jesus spoke to me deep within my soul. I fell in love with Jesus WAY before I learned more about His bride or His word. I think when someone discovers Jesus through hardship or tragedy or pain (or a miracle like I did), there is a rawness to it. 

Young Love

It's like those young love movies where they don't follow the rules, their love is reckless, and they sneak around to be together. They're usually way too young and naive but just HAVE to be united with passion and obsession. Think: The Notebook (minus that one scene with the candles and the house and all that. I love Jesus but thinking about being all butt-nakey feels gross like kissing your cousin). ANYWHO, that's how I'd describe my feelings towards God. It's not a learned thing, by any means. It's a gut reaction to my heart being grasped so tightly when I couldn't even keep my own head above water. 

Daily Bread

I share all that because #1...I'm an over-sharer. And #2...since I know this tidbit about myself, I also know that it's led to me experiencing God a little differently. Daily, I am being fed spiritually by God's word and His love. How I go about this isn't as "traditional" as sitting down with a devotional book. However, I do hear convicting and intense messages from God when scrolling Instagram and listening to podcasts every day. 

When a mama after Jesus's own heart is sharing a bit of her soul or day with me, I see Him. When a picture of sweet little kids hashtagged "blessed" comes up, I see Him. When a verse that speaks to just the right situation I'm contemplating pops up on a pretty background, I see Him. When someone shares a fear or a hurt or some worry beneath a picture in a cute little square, I see Him. It's like His voice is whispering directly to me through my iPhone while I listen to podcasts as I chip away at a pile of laundry or stack of dishes. These ways aren't your traditional way of experiencing God. The truth is, though, that God is always right where you're at. I believe these moments of relationship are my daily bread. It fills me up just as much because it speaks to me in a way unique to me. A way that is a little more raw, a bit creative, and definitely sincere. That speaks to the depths of my soul with Jesus.

Maybe it'll do the same for you. Have you ever thought about looking for your devotional through things you're already experiencing daily? Can you find God in someone else's words or a social media platform? Below are a few of the accounts I love to follow. Join me! Tell me what you think or share some of the accounts you LOVE to follow in the comments!


Elevation Church (Steven Furtick)
For the Love with Jen Hatmaker 

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