A Time to Rest

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of our website's initial launch here at The Chase Is Real, and cannot be more excited as we look back over the past year. God has LOVED, chased, created, and grown this community and it has been a true gift to experience. It has been such a joy to pray for each of you, to hear your stories, and to get out there and Live Loved with you. We feel like we have walked through this incredible museum filled with the most amazing masterpieces (YOU!!!!). And we could not be more grateful or thrilled for what's coming!!!

We're pretty serious about our mission. Our first priority is our connection to God and our second is loving people. In order to do those things we know that we need to follow what He says. This probably is no surprise to you, so this month we are practicing what we preach and are following the command to rest. We are taking the month of July off from creating new posts and instead enjoying and celebrating some of our favorites!! Each week, we'll post three of our favorite blogs. We'll still be checking in and of course will spend a great deal of time praying for you and this upcoming year. 


We welcome your comments below by letting us know if there is anything we can be praying for and if there is anything you'd be interested in hearing about when we come back in August.

We're taking a look around, opening our hearts, minds, and selves to God's chase. His beauty and love are there; all we have to do is be willing to see Him. Join us as we rest in God's Love!