Finding Your Water

Have you ever noticed the emotions that water can bring up for some of us? Many times, being around water brings us peace, like a nice hot shower at the end of the day. Or for some, a long relaxing bubble bath. It's almost as if water has a calming quality. It's God's way of saying, "Stop...just be still." When I go to the beach and finally get everything in place, the first thing I do is collapse in my chair and close my eyes to LISTEN. This doesn't just happen at the beach, but also in the mountains by a stream or even in my own backyard with the waterfall in my pool. It's as if we are connected to God through the gift of water. 

Water gives us life, cleans, renews and sustains us. Our relationship with God is very much the same way. He is our water and sometimes we take him for granted. We love our time with God when it's easy and relaxing and He speaks to us with nice soft language that we understand. But the question is, how do we feel when it's time for those restful moments to end? Like when the shower runs cold or you have been hiding in the tub for an hour and the kids are banging on the door? You know you need to get out but you just don't want to. And we all know leaving the beach is the worst! Sunburned and tired we have to struggle to get everything back to the car. Then we have to deal with the sand. UGH!

Those are the hard parts that none of us like and it's called "growth." Just for the record, it's not fun and we don't want to do it. So what if we decided to just not put ourselves through those tough moments? What if we never got dirty? What if we stayed in the shower or laid on the beach forever?? I think there is a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes from working hard, sweating through life and digging deep. My greatest showers are when I've worked in the yard and I am covered in dirt. Those feel so much better than a shower after running errands all day. Getting clean after being so dirty is like being reborn. And if we laid on the beach forever wouldn't we just get used to the view? We wouldn't appreciate it, we would just take it for granted. Every time I step foot on the sand I am in awe all over again at God's creation. By leaving and coming back, I am able to appreciate a whole new perspective. Going through the dirt in life, the hard parts, makes me see just how much God loves me and how clean he makes me feel. 

In life, God is always trying to water us. Sometimes our days go as planned with lots of time for days at the beach and showers, but other times, not so much. More often than not we are forced to get creative about our time with God. Our long showers and prayers are reduced to a quick splash and a "God is great."  We have to find a way to take God with us out into the world. 

Just the other day I was in a hurry to leave my house for a girls' weekend at the beach. I had just put my two water bottles in the car and opened the garage when I noticed a guy walking in front of my house with a clip board. He looked hot, tired and exasperated. I asked him if everything was okay and he said he was fine, he was just looking for his supervisor (they worked for AT&T). He explained that he had left his phone in a co-worker's car who had gone to another subdivision. He wasn't able to text his supervisor to reconnect with him so he was trying to find him by foot, walking circles around the neighborhood.  As I was talking to him from my car window, I reached over and grabbed both my waters and handed them to him. He was surprised by that small gesture and thanked me profusely. It made me think about how much random acts of kindness, like giving someone your only two bottles of water bottles, mean. It also made me think of God in terms of how we FIND his love and SHOW his love. 


We need to remember that when we have those moments of being overwhelmed and parched, He is there for us. But the trick is to actually invite Him into our journey. We have to take the top off the bottle. Our God and his water are everywhere and very accessible. Here is a real shocker: sometimes people GIVE AWAY FREE WATER. That's right, no strings attached water that is just for you!!! Sometimes it's at the nail salon or the doctor's office, or even a random person could give you free water, like I did. Sometimes you may be the giver and sometimes you may be the receiver, but you never know where God and his water will show up. Watch and see! Not only will you be refreshed and cleansed but you'll grow in ways you couldn't even imagine.

April is wife to an amazing man, mother to three beautiful girls, and grandmother to the most precious boy EVER. She began to recognize God's chase at the age of 44, in a season of major change. April continues to search for God daily in the middle of this fast-paced, over-stimulated world, and when something makes her uncomfortable and challenges her she knows that God is knocking and she should listen.