How To Deal With Growing Pains


He Grew Two Inches Overnight

The other day my teenage son came downstairs and gave me a huge hug. Of course I LOVED and really savored the moment, but then something completely stopped me in the middle of the hug. I realized he was significantly taller than me. It felt like he had gone to sleep the night before and awoke two inches taller (just a week prior, I could swear we were eye to eye). He had sprouted overnight! I was shocked. But I was also relieved because for a few days prior to this event, he had been extremely tired and complaining that everything in his body hurt. It all made sense now - he had been experiencing growing pains!  

We're No Different

We all get those growing pains, don't we? But surprisingly, they don't end during our childhood when we reach our physical development. They continue on into adulthood as we grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They come in the form of discomfort, tears, frustration, sadness, and anger as we are challenged to let go of habits that might be hurting us and take on habits that will help us. But there is also something going on simultaneously that we often miss.

In Luke 12:25-28 Jesus tells us something very important that we need to remember. He compares us to wildflowers growing in a field. He points out their beauty and reminds us that they got like that not by worrying, stressing, or forcing their way, but simply by resting in the care of God. From the moment it is planted, that wildflower is constantly growing. It never stops. Through every stage, it is God who is watering it and caring for it. Jesus tells us that although we are a lot like that wildflower, we are different because God cares for us so much more than those beautiful flowers. He provides for us, attends to us, takes pride in us, and gives His BEST to us. Did you miss it? I almost did. He's telling us in all of our growth, whether painful or easy, He is actively watering us with His love.

How God Waters Us

God's love comes in so many forms. It can be that well-timed call or text from a friend. The hug from your child that embraces you when you are hurting. Your pet snuggling up to you when you're having one of those days. The warm sun shining on you. The perfect song coming on the radio that comforts you or lifts your spirits. The surprise run in with a friend at a restaurant while you were having lunch. The sound of birds singing to each other distracting you from your worry. Dinner arriving on your doorstep from a loving neighbor right when you absolutely had nothing left to give that day. Those kind words or smile from a stranger. Someone in the car in front of you paying for your meal in the drive-through. The list is endless, really, because our God is so big and loves us so well. His love is there and provided to sustain us and refresh us and cleanse us and transform us during our growth. The challenge for most of us is to recognize and receive this love.


What About You?

Do you recognize and receive God's living water?
How does it show up in your life?
Will you be open this week to seeing it and resting in it?

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