Lead With Gratitude

I read a story recently about a woman who lost her husband and it really shook me up. She talked about how she used to get on his case for leaving his socks on the floor and now there were no socks to pick up, and she really missed it. I just sat there looking at the screen with tears streaming down my face. It was a wakeup call for me. You see, I am just like that woman in so many ways. I realized in that moment that I complain...A LOT. Oftentimes, the victim of all that complaining is my husband. Now, don’t get me wrong, he does some really annoying stuff (just sayin’). But that loving, generous, servant of a man deserves better than what I have been giving him. You know why? Because I am probably way more annoying of a human being on my best day than he ever is on his worst day.  

My complaining isn’t reserved just for him, either. I complain about my daughter, the driver on the road, all the daily stuff that needs to get done and seems overwhelming some days, the weather. The weather? Seriously, what is complaining about the weather going to accomplish? Allow me to answer that for you: absolutely NOTHING! As I was praying about this subject and what to share here in this blog, God spoke so very clearly to me late one night and here’s what came to me. When I am complaining about my life, I am telling God that I am not satisfied with what He has given me. Whoa! Wait a minute, back up! I thought about that and let it sink in. I needed to change my mindset and how I went about my day. I need to lead with gratitude instead of leading with complaints.  

I got up that morning and told my husband that I love him and I am grateful for everything he does. I gave my daughter a hug and told her things that I love about her. I walked out into our oddly warm weather and felt grateful for living in a place where shorts and t-shirts are worn most of the year.  

Lead with gratitude. I think it’s my new mantra.