Shaving cream does what??

Something I struggle with as a mom is keeping up with the never-ending housework. One day after school, my daughter said two little words that can ruffle any parent's feathers. "I'm bored." Are you kidding me?? Have you seen all the stuff you have? You're bored?!? My first reaction when one of my kids tells me they're bored is to give them a chore. Surely if they're bored, they have time to help me out. 

A friend told me once how her kids cleaned her entire bathroom with shaving cream. I did a little research and found that shaving cream actually works very well for shower doors. So I gave my kids a bottle of shaving cream and told them to spread it on the shower door from top to bottom (I helped a bit with the top). Then I told them to create artwork on the door. They must have been in there for an hour. Laughing, drawing, and getting shaving cream in each other's hair. Then I gave my oldest the shower head and the youngest two a sponge and told them to rinse and "clean up" their mess. The oldest even ran a squeegee on the glass at the end!

I couldn't believe how well it actually cleaned the glass. It took off all the soap scum and I didn't have to do the work. The kids were entertained for an hour and I got a clean shower out of it, but most importantly, they had fun doing it. Next time you hear the dreaded "I'm bored," have a bottle of shaving cream handy. It works. I may even start ordering in bulk on Amazon. 

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