Restful Busyness

Like many, my family lives a very busy life. I spend my week running the kids to school, gymnastics, soccer, Girl Scouts, doctor appointments, and so many other places. I somehow manage to keep up with the house and make sure they eat, brush their teeth, and shower. As silly as it sounds, those things can actually feel like big accomplishments with our crazy schedule. Every night, when I finally get them off to bed, I take a deep breath (feels like the first I took all day) and collapse on the couch to battle my husband for which show we will watch. 

Our family enjoys being very active. We thrive on schedules and don't really like to "just stay home." Okay, Brett may not like schedules as much as the rest of us, but he does like to go out and do things whenever he's not at work. It's okay to enjoy the busyness, but sometimes we just need to stop and breathe; to appreciate a slower pace. 

On the first Monday of my kids' spring break, I woke up to them laying out their bathing suits and planning our day. For one week we had no school, no activities, and no "schedule" we had to follow. Normally, I would have had all these fun things planned, or we would have gone on a little family trip somewhere. But I didn't plan that stuff this year. I was actually looking forward to some relaxation and fun at home with my girls. (They weren't happy with my idea...they liked their plans better.)


But being who I am, even though we were home with no schedule to follow, I decided that I was going to clean all the baseboards in our house. It's not something I normally do when I clean the house, but when do I ever have the time to tackle this task? So I got my soapy water, sponge, and a magic eraser and started going. Within ten minutes I had three little helpers. I thought they'd be off playing with their Barbies and arguing like usual. But they actually really enjoyed the cleaning. We all went around together (with our dog following behind us) laughing, talking, and getting the job done. The oldest two lasted about an hour, but my little one stayed cleaning with me for two hours. It took me three hours (and I skipped the master bedroom;), but it was worth it. 


Even though I was trying to avoid being so busy for the week, we still ended up occupied with a job to do. That's just how we were made. The difference is, we didn't have to do it. We could stop anytime we wanted to. We weren't following a schedule or running out the door with shoes in hand trying to get somewhere on time. We naturally like to be doing things, but taking this break and engaging in other things was much needed for all of us. I'm sure I'll be off to the movies and swimming tomorrow, but at least I got one day of "rest" with them (and some clean baseboards).

Meet Jenn. Her warm smile probably has you feeling like you've known her for years. She has the gift of making others feel welcome and understood. Jenn somehow manages to always be punctual, even with a household of three little girls to corral. She's got a huge heart for animals and an eye for the perfect jewelry to match any outfit. A good heart-to-heart, ending in a laugh 'til it hurts kind of moment, feeds her soul. Jenn sees God in the people and beauty that surrounds her.