Kitchen Clutter

Since beginning our Spring Cleaning series, I've found myself really wanting to dig deeper and declutter the areas of my house that I usually consider "out of sight, out of mind." I don't know about you, but one of those areas of my house is the kitchen, which also tends to be a spot I'm in the most. Is it just me, or does everyone have that one cabinet stuffed with Tupperware, when upon opening everything just falls out? Or maybe you have pots with no lids to match them. Or how about the expired condiments in the refrigerator? Let's go ahead and declutter our kitchens together. 


The first thing you will want to do is clear off your counters so you have plenty of space. Throw out any old mail or useless papers and put away the stuff that doesn't belong in the kitchen. If you have a lot of stuff to put away, you may want to grab a bin to place it in temporarily and put it away after your kitchen is nice and organized. Next, take a look around and see if there are any appliances you don't use often and tuck them away in a cabinet or closet. Maybe you have some old ones you can get rid of by donating. 

Now it's time for the cabinets. I'd like to start with that Tupperware cabinet I mentioned earlier. Throw out anything missing a lid or that's damaged. Then stack them neatly back inside so they don't all fall out when the door opens. Go on to all the other cabinets and do the same - tossing out anything damaged or too old to use. 

Next, let's get to the refrigerator. Throw out all old and expired food. Do you have condiments that have been in there way too long and probably won't use again? Toss them! Wipe everything down with a Lysol wipe. Then we move on to those junk drawers. You are most likely going to need a bin for this task (like I mentioned earlier). Toss out any trash, organize what you need, and put the stuff that goes somewhere else in a bin for you to tackle later. 

The last task for our kitchen project will be the pantry. I didn't know it was possible to have five chip bags with only crumbs left in them until I had three kids. Or how many empty boxes of mini snack bags I would find. Who doesn't throw out the empty box after taking the last pack? My kids, that's who. I tackled my pantry one shelf at a time, throwing out any stale or expired food and organizing everything neatly. 

Once everything is done, take a look around and admire all your hard work. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of this stuff? Just like in life, sometimes you need to go beyond the surface and dig a little deeper. 

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