Clutter Challenge

Do you ever find yourself looking for a different idea during the season of lent? Rather than giving up sweets or soda, how about giving up clutter? Each day, go into one area or room in your house and fill up a bag of things to get rid of. Since you obviously don't want to end up with an empty house, you may not want to do this challenge for 40 days. So let's try doing it for one week!


If you're anything like me, you may not be able to stop once you start. One minute I'm dusting the blinds, then the next minute I'm distracted by the finger prints on the glass and move on to that task without finishing the first. I feel like there's so much clutter distracting me that I bounce around from room to room, overwhelmed and just wanting to magically make it all go away. If we complete this clutter challenge and get rid of one bag a day for a week, then maybe there won't be as much left around to distract us. My only advice is to do it while your kids aren't looking so they don't see what you have in the bag (we all know how that ends).

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