Got 15 minutes?

Whenever people come to my house they always ask, "How is your house so clean with three kids and pets?" I'm about to let you in on my secret. It's really not that clean. Back when my kids were just starting to play with toys, I noticed very quickly that I felt extremely overwhelmed and stressed out by all their stuff. So early on, I started something in our house called "Family Cleanup." Basically, every single night, 15 minutes before bedtime, the entire family goes around and picks things up. Toys, shoes, the random wrappers thrown on the floor, clothes, more toys, dog toys, hair balls from the dogs, the one sock with its match nowhere to be found, books, and so much more. It's just a known routine in our house. Everyone helps and we move fast. It's even evolved as the girls started to get a little older. Now, they can handle their own toy clean-up and my husband and I can use that time to toss out old mail, smuggle the kids' artwork to the recycling bin, make lunches, or lay things out for the next morning. 

Fifteen minutes is really all it takes. It just keeps things from getting out of control (and helps my If you do one big monthly cleaning, and then use Family Cleanup for maintenance each night, you will kiss the clutter goodbye. 

So next time you walk into my house, or someone else's like mine, and wonder how it's "so clean," remember it's really just picked up. And there also might be a Scentsy plugged in, making it smell like homemade cookies are baking at all times.

Meet Jenn. Her warm smile probably has you feeling like you've known her for years. She has the gift of making others feel welcome and understood. Jenn somehow manages to always be punctual, even with a household of three little girls to corral. She's got a huge heart for animals and an eye for the perfect jewelry to match any outfit. A good heart-to-heart, ending in a laugh 'til it hurts kind of moment, feeds her soul. Jenn sees God in the people and beauty that surrounds her.