Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out

Have you ever been so deep in the mess of your life that you couldn't see the other side? Not too long ago, I found myself in this situation.

Summer was coming to an end. There were some wonderful parts to summer and some really stressful moments while I was at home with all three of my young girls. I was exhausted and mentally spent from the kids whining and fighting, the loud noises all the time, and toys all over the house. I began trying to practice seeing the "magnificence" in my daily mess. I prayed for God to show me His beauty in my troubles.

As I prayed this prayer over and over, I wasn't seeing anything magnificent. I was still just stuck in the mess. I began to think that I may have a bigger problem on my hands. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I see Him? I started to feel guilty and upset that I couldn't find anything joyful in my circumstance.

One random day, as I was facing the unending mountain of laundry on my dining room table, my husband, Brett, came home from work early in the afternoon. This is not a normal occurrence for us. I took advantage and decided to run to the store kid-free to pick up some things we were out of. I got in the car and a country song I love was playing on the radio. I drove in peace and quiet for the first time in a while. Of course, I went to the one place most moms consider a vacation if you are kid-free...Target. As I walked every single aisle with my iced coconut milk mocha macchiato, I began to realize how great and relaxed I felt.

I realized that I had been so busy taking care of my family that I was ignoring and unaware of my own needs. I learned that sometimes you just need to step OUT of the mess to see the beauty within it. Completely remove yourself to just breathe. When my energy was depleted and I didn't even know what I needed, God did. He showed up and nudged me to take a much-needed break that random afternoon in the middle of me folding my mountain of laundry.

After my Target outing, I felt re-energized. I was able to go back into my situation with a new set of eyes. So if you find yourself buried in the mess of your life, you may just need to take that step and get out!