Weekly Challenge & Tools

As we close our series on Mess and Magnificence, we have one last tool to share with you in helping to deal with mess: sometimes you have to step out of the mess to see the magnificence.  When the circumstances are crazily overwhelming, fear-inducing, incredibly frustrating, or just plain sad, getting away for a time to focus on His magnificence can change everything. Whether it's literally getting away from the situation, or taking a moment to mentally escape in your mind, the process is powerful. One way to practice this is to take a deep look at what's bothering you in your life. Many messes appear to be a "mess" because of what we think is lacking.  

Why can't that person be kind?  Why can't they help?  Does anyone ever think of how this is affecting me?  Do they have to leave their junk everywhere for me to pick up every time?  Why doesn't anyone listen to me? 

Take a moment to think about what exactly is missing.  Is it care or concern for you?  Is it someone to help?  Are you wishing respect for you and your time?  Are you missing encouragement?  Do you need a listening ear?  Whatever it is, decide right now that you are going to GIVE that exact thing this week.  Go out and be that in the world with a LOVE CHASE. Want to get really radical?  LOVE CHASE YOURSELF this week and give whatever you see missing to YOU!  Write an encouraging letter to yourself.  Make time to go out and do something you enjoy.  Really listen to your thoughts and write down how you feel!  Agree with God about how much you are worth.  Then go back into your situation and notice what's changed.

Music is a wonderful tool to use in stepping out of our mess.  This week's song reminds us that every moment is precious and meant to be celebrated.  Try to shift your focus away from what is currently difficult to what is precious in your life while listening to this song.  If your circumstances are weighing you down too much for that right now, think back on a time that brought you joy.  Remember the details of that moment.  Sit with that feeling, breathe into it, and allow it to expand.  

One of the most powerful ways to step out of the mess and into magnificence is by doing what our verse this week tells us - PRACTICE LOVE.  Whether it's doing a Love Chase on yourself or someone else, God tells us that when we practice love, something happens.  Our debilitating self-criticism is shut down.  He is greater than our worried hearts and LOVES us more than we can understand.  We don't need to know how our messes will be resolved or when they will end or if they will end.  Instead, this week step out of it all, get out there and let's LOVE like our lives depended on it.  In that, we will always find magnificence.