Weekly Challenge & Tools

At what age is it that we tend to lose our love for getting silly, enjoying this life, not being perfect, and instead just revel in being our childlike selves?  Jesus tells us that to experience the kingdom of heaven, we have to go back and become like a little kid (check out Matthew 18:2-4).  So this week at The Chase is Real, we begin our 5-week series where we are doing just that!  We are going Back To School, remembering what it's like to experience the lessons of this life like a child, and then applying them to our life as adults.  And we begin by really focusing on what it's like to experience life as a kindergartner.  There is a bit of fun, freedom, and wonder to it.  Which fits so completely with who Jesus is.  The life of a follower of Christ is one of celebration!  So as we move into this Back to School Series, our first challenge is to get back to the heart of a young child and ENJOY, CELEBRATE, LIVE IT UP, GET MESSY AND SMILE WHILE DOING IT!  Let the play-dough smush between your fingers, the paint get everywhere as you create, the puzzle pieces spread all over the place. Go back to your child self.  What did you love to do?  Blow bubbles, color, play outside, dream?  Whatever it is, invest ten minutes of your week doing it. This might make you uncomfortable.  That's normal!  Just breathe through it and keep enjoying!

Oh my goodness, there is nothing like watching little children, who have yet to think negative thoughts about their dancing abilities, get out there and bust a move.  Don't you agree?  With this week's song choice, it's going to be very hard not to dance when you hear it!  Get crazy - don't resist the urge!  Wherever you are, whether in the privacy of your own home, in your kitchen with your kids, in your car in car line, in your office with your door closed (or hey...get really crazy and leave it open!), turn the volume up and DANCE.  Keep your eyes open on our Facebook page this week for a dance party playlist and check out this week's vlog for a true childlike example (well, it actually IS a child) that will inspire some killer moves to come back out of all of us!   

This week's verse is so easy to overlook and forget as we "adult" our way through life, but is really at the heart of who we are.  Everyday, all day, we have the opportunity, the choice, the challenge to CELEBRATE and delight in who God is and His promises for us.  Regardless of what is going on, God asks us to celebrate Him.  When we practice this, it changes everything.  Consider posting this verse somewhere or making it your wallpaper on your phone or computer as a reminder to stop in the middle of whatever you are doing and enjoy, wonder, and celebrate.  Feel free to leave us a comment below because we'd love to hear about what that looks like for you!