Weekly Challenge & Tools

It is so simple to fall into the age-old patterns of blame, defensiveness, and shame when looking at the messes in our lives. Those patterns began long ago.  Just take a look at Adam and Eve.  But Jesus tells us of a different way.  In fact, He tells us how important it is when we find ourselves in those patterns to take a look at our own hearts and actions.  So this week, when you find yourself being critical, judgmental, or blaming...just stop.  Get clear about exactly what is bothering you, and ask God where you have done or are doing that exact same thing. Take those mistakes to God and ask for forgiveness.  

The song this week, a cover of Man In The Mirror, by Noah Guthrie gives us an important message.  Sometimes we tend to look at all the pain and hurt and mess around us and either ignore it, blame it on someone else, or think somebody else will come along to fix it.  But what if the change starts first with you and me in our very own relationships with God and those closest to us?  What if instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, we consider our part in the mess and ask God to change us first?  Take a listen to the song while thinking of a specific mess in your life.  Ask God what change He wants to make in you, knowing that change happens one person at a time.  A longtime mess could be transformed as you take your part to God and allow His Love to heal you.

The verse this week is a life-changing truth.  Read it as you face the messes in your day.  Notice where you are critical and judgmental and ask yourself what you might do differently - where you might choose love over fear.  You might try listening to the meditation when you are in the mess, or at the end of your day, and owning your mess.