Body of Christ

Here at The Chase is Real, we believe that there really is only one way to do things. And that is...together! Most importantly, we first strive to connect with God as individuals. However, we also believe and have seen that everything is better when we come together with the people around us, share our gifts, and create as one. The following is an interview about how we ended up creating our intro video, and the crazy mess that allowed us to experience magnificence.

So how exactly did this intro video come to be?

Lisa: Well, we knew we had one chance as we approached going "live" to let people know what The Chase is Real was all about - the heart behind it. I felt strongly about a video component, and for a time we were just going to go with the first vlog I created. But something wasn’t sitting right with me about it. It was too long for an intro, and it was only me. It just wasn’t getting the message across like we wanted. We invited some friends to take a look and they all agreed. But I couldn’t seem to figure out what to do. Enter my husband Kyle, who I literally share EVERYTHING with, and my teammate, Candace!

Kyle (Lisa’s husband): Lisa was obviously uncomfortable on her intro video. It’s the first impression of the website so it had to get the message across. For years, Lisa and these women had been in ministry together in a live setting. It has always impressed me how this team of women spends countless hours planning how to show other women that they are loved. It’s easier in a live setting. Going digital was very different, but it struck me that the message needed to be delivered by the team, as it always had been. She began writing out a new script.

Candace:  I couldn’t agree with Kyle more. The Chase is Real represented this group of women that had experienced Jesus along a journey. We had always been in the same room with the women we were reaching out to, so “the feeling” was very evident. Any woman who sat through the ministry could describe what I’m talking about. Something was just different about that space. The Holy Spirit was so evident. I had this strong urge that the intro video needed to project that “feeling” in just a few short minutes and through a computer screen. There was no doubt it was going to be challenging, but I just knew that God wanted to use my artistic gifts to communicate just the vibe we were going for through creativity within our intro video. I pitched it all to Lisa and I can’t decide if she’s 100% trusting or 100% crazy, but like always, she agreed to the huge undertaking with a VERY SHORT time frame.

Lisa: Candace is so gifted and makes things beautiful all the time! When she asked, I got goose bumps because I knew God was leading her and answering our prayers. We were getting ready to launch in less than a week so I said, "I’m coming over!" She shared the vision of artistically filming me talking, and we did it! It was so much fun!!!

Kyle: That night Lisa showed me some of the segments that they had filmed. They were filmed vertically! I mean, come on, rookies! I sent Candace this YouTube video (that everyone should watch) as a joke. I may have offended them a bit, but this is the first impression! 

Lisa: SO FRUSTRATED! I knew there was nothing I could do about it that night so I just slept on it. The next morning, I woke up and started talking to Kyle about it. He again said, "You really need more voices than just yours. You need to try again." In that moment all the pieces came together!! God had given each of us a part of what was needed to really express the message He wanted to get out. I called Candace and excitedly shared what I knew. I asked her if we could try again and if she’d be willing to have whoever could make it for filming (and all of their kids) over to her house so we could film a new intro. I sent out a text to the team and said, "We’re meeting to film in an hour. Can anybody come?" With such short notice, only Jenn M., Val, and April L. could make it. Brooke filmed some thoughts and sent them from her cell phone, many of which had us cracking up.  And the rest of the team did the most important work and PRAYED. We were a go! 

Candace: I was all in! I knew it too! This was God. All the ideas needed to come together! I had been so bummed about the mistake Kyle so graciously ;) pointed out, but I realized it wasn’t a mistake at all. God was working out what needed to happen for us to get the best video. School was out, so each mama and her gaggle of kiddos came over and it was an absolute madhouse. It’s funny that you don’t realize how many kids everyone has until they are all under one roof and taking over. There were glitter crafts and dolls and paint and video games ALL OVER! I had someone working on my house, to add to the mix. That poor man could’ve viewed us as sister wives, for all we know. Filming took a long time and a lot of takes. Not to mention, it was summer and we were filming outside. Besides melting, we were taking turns hushing the kids, settling quarrels, and laying out whatever food and drinks I had (because we ended up running into lunch time). BUT by the grace of God, eventually, on the brink of insanity, we got what we needed. I spent the entire night editing it together and we all knew when we were done it was God who had orchestrated it all. 

Kyle: That night, Candace is on FaceTime with Lisa and shows us what she had come up with. Well, first I noticed the "iMovie face." You know, the bloodshot eyes, 'I’ve been sitting here trimming video by the millisecond for oh…maybe 8 hours, I may have forgotten to feed my family' face? I’ve been there. Then Candace calls Nick (her husband) over to help as well, and it was obvious he had been helping the whole time. That was exciting to see another couple focused on getting His message out to the world. Family ministry is close to our heart, and seeing another family embrace that mission with such a passion confirmed for me that this website is gonna work. The footage was amazing and much better than I had ever imagined. No, I didn’t cry…not one bit…nope.

So what does the final intro video represent to you all?

Candace: In the end, we all know that it takes a village to get more than just child-rearing accomplished. This intro video ended up being a beautiful display of what we want women who experience The Chase is Real to encounter. A community of people working in their gifts for the glory of God. It was only made possible because each person within this story was connected with God and listening to His guidance. Each person’s willingness to allow God’s plan to unfold was what wrote the ending to this messy story. 

Kyle:  The video these women made is another way that they continue to inspire me.  Their willingness to put themselves out there and be vulnerable in videos, blogs, and other creations to show others that God loves us is impressive.  

Lisa: Mess is a reality in this world but so is Magnificence. When we work together with our God in and through the mess, and join together with the people around us, there is joy and AMAZING to be had. 

Whatever mess you’re in today, we hope this brings a little laughter. We love being in this together with you! Enjoy the bloopers and see a little bit of the mess that led to magnificence!