Weekly Challenge & Tools

This week's tools come with a warning: prepare to get a little uncomfortable! Oftentimes we pray to God asking for help and wait expectantly for someone to show up. Or we recognize our need for help, but the people around us don't, so we get angry and huff and puff, wondering why they can't see what we need.  These situations might leave us feeling confused and discouraged. But perhaps the answer lies in our need to communicate!  This week, we are challenging ourselves to put communication into practice and share our need for help. Take some time to look at your life.  Where could you use some help?  Invite God to come into that area of your life.  Then continue by asking Him if there is someone who might be able to help you.  Listen to who He puts in your mind/heart.  Then take the step, reach out, and ask for help.  This may feel uncomfortable to you.  If so, take a deep breath and take the risk.  Even if the result isn't what you expected, the simple act of changing our help habits can create healing.

The world would have us believe that we are successful when we do everything on our own.  We are "doing it right" when we juggle all of our responsibilities with a smile, good hair, and without breaking a sweat.  Our go-to line is, "Thanks, but I've got this."  This behavior is actually the opposite of the truth and God's will for us.  We are designed to do this thing called life TOGETHER.  Listen to this week's song and ask God who He has placed in your life to help you, care for you, Love you.  Thank Him for the person/people that come to mind.

Wait, what?!?!  Accepting someone's help is AS GOOD as giving help?  Is Jesus telling us they are of equal importance?  His way is often so opposite of the world's way and yes, our verse this week tells us it is equally as important to receive help in our lives. Spend some time reading this verse and look this week for places you can practice receiving - remembering it is part of the apprenticeship we are all called to.  Because it is not our normal habit, it might feel uncomfortable.  Use this week's meditation to help you in this process.  And please join us on our Facebook page on Thursday, September 1 at 10:00 AM (EST) as we share with you how we put the act of receiving into practice in our own lives.