Weekly Challenge & Tools

It's so easy to get caught up in our messes. The voices and circumstances can be so LOUD.  We are not alone in this!   We can look back throughout the Bible, history, and our own lives and see examples of people getting lost in mess.  However, we love a God who longs to stay connected to us whether our life looks like a wreck or like magnificence.  That connection has the power to calm and help us move through the dark times.  This week, take a moment in a quiet time, perhaps when you wake up or go to bed or when the kids are watching their favorite show, to think back over your life and some of the messes you've experienced.  How did God show up in those situations? Where were you loved in them and through them?  How did He use the mess to heal, transform, grow, create something new and/or beautiful in you or in your life?  List your answers somewhere that you can easily look at.  If this is difficult, consider enlisting the help of a friend.  Then when you are in the middle of a current mess, read the list and remember who God is.  

The song this week, Good Good Father, is so incredibly powerful.  Pay attention to the feelings that come when we focus on our mess - frustration, anger, annoyance, discouragement, fear, sadness.  Breathe through those feelings, put on your headphones (LOOK FOR A GIVEAWAY THIS THURSDAY ON FACEBOOK LIVE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN YOUR OWN PAIR OF BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES!!), and listen to the song this week.  Sing it to God (if you can - if you're in the grocery store that might not be your best idea;)).  Notice how you feel afterwards.

This week's verse reminds us that no matter how discouraging our lives may be, that God is working for our good.  Consider posting this somewhere that you often encounter mess and read it often while you are in that space.  Or memorize it so it's always with you.  You can also use the meditation when you feel you're entering a sticky situation, or after the messiness subsides, to really help you focus on who God is and His promises to you.