Weekly Challenge & Tools

Many of our messes are created or made worse when we buy into the lie that we are better off going through our life alone.  God created us to be in relationship - first with Him and then with other people.  There is so much joy to be had when we live and love together.  Our challenge this week helps us to stop and take a look at where we might not be doing that.  Take a moment to look at each of your relationships, starting with God, moving to your spouse, your kids, your family, friends, church, state, country, etc., and ask God where you might be living separated.  The questions from Marianne Williamson we asked last week are incredibly powerful.  "What am I thinking about this relationship/situation/mess that God is not?  What is God thinking about this relationship/situation/mess that I am not?"  You might be surprised at what answers you find!

This week's song, Johnny Swim's "Take the World", reminds us of the joy that can happen when we work together.  We can take on the world!  Take some time this week to stop and sing this to God or sing it with your spouse or children or friends in mind. See how that affects your relationships with them.  We'd LOVE to hear how it works for you in the comments below!

Try letting the truth of this verse soak in over these next few days. You might set aside a few minutes, do the meditation, and really focus on the message. Notice how you have experienced the power of working together in your life with God, family, and friends. Afterwards, consider calling someone and sharing what happened, or even inviting them to do this exercise with you. It is remarkable what can be experienced when we collaborate in life.