Weekly Tools & Challenge

One attribute of Jesus that cannot be missed when encountering Him or learning about Him is His overwhelming compassion.  Even as He was dying on the cross, He was still practicing compassion for people who were crucifying Him, begging His father to forgive them because they didn't know what they were doing.  This week as we deal with mess in our lives, we are diving into the practice of compassion right along with Him.  The first step is to notice when you are feeling angry, frustrated, blaming, critical, annoyed.  Ask yourself what the person or people involved in the situation are doing that bothers you.  Then go to God and ask Him where you might have done that exact thing in the past to Him or a person in your life, or where you might be doing it now.  Take a deep breath and think of the person or people bothering you now and say out loud or in your head, "Me too."  Notice how you feel. This is an incredibly powerful practice, but if it is new to you it might feel awkward or uncomfortable.  Just try it once a day for a while as you begin this new habit.  We will be doing a live demonstration of what this might look like on our Facebook page this Thursday at 10:00 AM (EST). Join us and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts!

It is easy to forget that we, too, need to receive compassion.  In fact, if we are not in the practice of offering it to ourselves, then it can make giving it to others more difficult.  This week's song ("True Colors" cover by Michelle Chamuel) helps us to tangibly experience it.  When you are in the middle of mess in your life this week, feeling frustrated, alone, sad, angry, discouraged, or afraid, take a moment and listen to this song as if God is singing it to you.  Receive His Love and know you are so valuable to Him.  Then consider sharing it with someone you know who is going through a difficult time.  

There is no hard time in our life that God cannot make beautiful or use to create beauty.  Our verse this week reminds us of just that.  God desires that we come alongside the hurting people in our lives with the compassion that can come after we have also experienced a similar hurt.  Take some time this week to consider who might be struggling in your life that God might want you to reach out to and be understanding and care for. Consider taking a few minutes each day and use the meditation to help in this process.