Checking In

If you have ever stood at the base of a waterfall, you get that "we" are not what this life is all about. You see God's gracious majesty up close and personal. The woods are alive with all the beauty and wonder that we chase after everyday and are too busy to see. Here, God whispers to us in hushed tones. Here, we are enough, loved and seen. We are worthy. Making time for that in our everyday lives can seem overwhelming. However, the rewards are immeasurable. There has never been a time in my life when I stood in the middle of the craziness, prayed, and did not feel the relief that He gives. Sometimes we just have to check out of THIS life and check into HIS life. Let all of your worries and fears fall like leaves from a tree, until you stand before Him completely bare. Let Him fill you and make you whole. You will be amazed at the beautiful things you can produce in His name. Such as words that sing his praises, or gifts of time or money for someone in need. So many things come from being open to God COMPLETELY and LISTENING for His Voice. 
I urge you to experience the wonder and belief that He has planned for you because . . .


April is wife to an amazing man, mother to three beautiful girls, and grandmother to the most precious boy EVER. She began to recognize God's chase at the age of 44, in a season of major change. April continues to search for God daily in the middle of this fast-paced, over-stimulated world, and when something makes her uncomfortable and challenges her she knows that God is knocking and she should listen.