Weekly Challenge & Tools

Life these days is hectic, busy, and full.  Whether it's our actual circumstances or our thoughts about our circumstances, it seems almost overwhelming - like something's got to give.  But God has something more for us, and in order to find that, we have to find Him.  So this week, in the midst of the congestion, we are going to step out of it, focus on God, and LISTEN for His voice in our thoughts.  There are so many ways to do the challenge this week!  You might try starting your morning focusing on God's voice, or you might notice a time that is really hectic and stop and pray. You might try it as you fall asleep at night.  You might even find a time in the midst of celebrating the Fourth of July this week to get away.  The time isn't as important as the simple fact that you are open to Him.  So step out of the traffic of life and listen for God's voice.  Say, "I am willing to hear you, God."  Watch the Vlog this week to get an idea of how God's voice sounds to Lisa.

So often we feel swept away by the 'everything' of this life.  We have great intentions to focus on God, spend time with Him, live loved, but then the alarm (or crying baby) goes off, we have breakfast to make, a Fourth of July party (or school, work, playdate, meeting, etc.) to prepare for and get to, and WHAM!  There go those great intentions.  The first line of our song explains the feeling we have about God perfectly: "I tried to keep you close to me, but life got in between." So this week our song is our prayer!  We pray that God would hold back the river of our thoughts, our struggles, our busy, and let us look in His eyes.  Try listening to it or singing it as your prayer this week.  

Hearing God's Voice in our thoughts is a PRACTICE.  The more we practice listening to Him and recognize Him, the more we hear Him.  We have found that in order to do that, we must do what Psalm 46:10 states and "Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God."  Check out our blogs this week for ideas that have worked for some of us.  We'd LOVE to hear what you do!  Please share with us in the comments section or on our Facebook page.