God Speaking Through People

A couple of years ago, a dear friend began sharing her experience with hearing God. She shared how she was in a stage in life where she could wake up early, be still, and spend hours with Him in prayer. My friend's walk looked so much like the walk I was told I should walk. I began to wrestle with this. I don't often hear Him in the quiet. In fact, if I try and get still and quiet, I fall asleep EVERY TIME!! 

It was also during this time that I was learning so much about who God had created ME to be. I was learning more about being extroverted and what that meant for me. I thrive when I get time with my friends.  I become restless and lethargic when I am stuck at home (sick kids really rock my world!).  I was realizing, too, that my extroverted nature carried over into my faith walk. I could sit on my own, study a section of Scripture, and maybe glean some nugget of Truth for myself. But when I got with a friend to discuss the Scripture, the passage would come to life! The light bulbs would go off left and right! I would walk away from that time fed and refreshed in my faith. 

I remember standing in my kitchen crying out to God because I was so confused.  I was feeling like my way of connecting with Him was wrong because it was so different from what my friend was experiencing and so different from what years of traditional Bible study groups had taught me. I was standing there desperate to call a friend to talk it out with, yet feeling guilty about not being able to hear Him on my own. I think the next thing that happened was a friend called me right at that moment. It was Him answering that prayer! He was saying, "I created you to hear me best through people! It is not wrong that my way of connecting with you is different  from how I connect with anyone else. I created you unique, so our relationship is going to be unique."

I now know confidently that I need time to process with people. If I am trying to make a decision, seeking out a trusted friend to process that decision with is exactly what I am supposed to do. I still try and seek God in the quiet, but I often hear the answers to those prayers in my conversations with friends.

April is known as the "Baby Whisperer" because she is ALWAYS holding somebody's little one. She loves babies, but more than that, she finds God in caring for others.  Not so long ago, it was she who needed the gift of another's arms to hold a tiny one that she might find rest, and now she loves to give that gift to other new moms.  April also finds Him through fellowship with others. Talking about God, reading his Word, and praying with others helps her to experience Him more fully.  Walking through this life with God and the people He has surrounded her with makes all the difference in the world.