Weekly Challenge & Tools

Words have POWER.  The old saying that they don't hurt is simply untrue.  God literally SPOKE creation into existence, and we find as we read the Bible that words can truly destroy or give life.  We have all experienced both.  The good news is we have a choice!  We can choose to speak hurt and division and fear, or we can speak love, joy, and peace into existence.  With God's help, we can bring healing into this hurting world.  Our challenge this week is to do a LOVE CHASE with our words.  Take a moment to ask God who needs His Love and what He wants to say.  You might even try the meditation and see who and what He brings to mind.  Then go out and be love with your words. 

We are created to LOVE and God wants to use us to change the world, to bring healing and set things right with the words He gives us.  This week's song (This Little Light of Mine by The Clark Brothers) is our prayer to God.  No matter how small we think our light is, we are going to let it shine with the words we speak.  Try listening to the song before you go out and LOVE CHASE.   

As we conclude this series on hearing God's voice, there is one thing we know for sure - His words transform lives from broken to whole and create new life where there was once darkness and despair.  We know this because we have actually experienced it, whether through a life-changing lesson we heard from a friend, a fresh perspective coming from one of our children, or having received a word of love from someone that changed our day.  This week's Truth tells us that God has miracle words for us, and our prayer is that God would speak His miracle words to us, fill us with them, and help us to shine His light into the world as we speak them.