Weekly Challenge & Tools

So often in our lives, we limit our view of where we can find God.  We find Him in church when we sing, in the Bible when we read, in prayer when we pray.  And yes, He is in all of those places.  However, He is also in so much more.  In fact, if we know Him, Love Him, and have given our lives to Him, He literally LIVES in us.  So there is actually no place closer to Him than where WE are.  If we are spending time with our family, He is there.  If we are watching a movie, He is there.  If we are hanging out with a friend, He is there.  If we are reading a book, He is there.  If we are cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, He is there.  This week, when you are doing something you love, take a moment to say to God, "I am willing and open to hearing You."  Pay attention!  See what He says.  We'd LOVE to hear about it!  Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter.  And keep your eyes open this week for another fun giveaway!

Our song this week is, "Hallelujah" performed by Johnny Swim.  Oh, this song!  In life, I frequently forget how dearly I am Loved.  As I sing this song, I am reminded of and brought right back to my connection with my God in the music, and in the lyrics, "My heart, Your love never parted."  I can't help but sing it to Him.  "Hallelujah!  I'll hang on every word you say." Join us this week and sing to Him and let it be your prayer.  Then listen throughout your day for God's voice.  

God's Love is so BIG and so present and so much more than we can imagine!  Not only is He serious about our rescue, He's also pretty serious about sticking with us.  Our verse this week is from Jesus to His people. He reassures them that He is always with them, even in the midst of some unexpected circumstances.  Never again do they, nor we, have to live separated from God.  He is ours and we are His.  Post this verse where you will see it so you remember, regardless of what is going on or how you feel, He is always with you.  Listen for His Voice because there is no place closer to Him than where you are.