Weekly Challenge & Tools

Have you ever stopped to consider that one of the ways God is chasing you is through His VOICE??  For the next four weeks we are going to focus on hearing God.  The very first step in this process is simply being willing to hear Him and one of the simplest and most powerful ways to do that is through music.  Our challenge this week is to consider that God might be creating a soundtrack for your life through the music you hear.  Perhaps He is speaking to you in song.  So listen to each song you hear as if He is singing to you or as if you are singing to Him.  

We'd LOVE to hear how that works for you.  We've been praying for you (yes, YOU!) and feel so connected to you, but feel like we've been doing a lot of the talking.  So this week we have a fun way for you to engage with us.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page this week for the opportunity to also win a giveaway!  

So often the music that comes on the radio is just music and we sing it mindlessly - enjoying the melody and bopping along with the words.  Try listening to the song of the week, Katy Perry's "Unconditionally," as though GOD is singing it to YOU.  Let us know about your experience!

The TRUTH this week is such a powerful question that Jesus asks His followers.  Take a moment to sit with this verse.  Make it your wallpaper, post it somewhere you will see often and then stop and hear Him asking you.  What's your answer?