The Power of the Chase

Do you ever feel alone - like no one else could possibly understand what you are going through?  Or maybe you are withdrawing into yourself and your thoughts because you are scared? I experienced something like this a few months ago when I had a medical scare. I kept all my feelings inside because I didn’t want to worry my family and friends.  Isn’t that what we do sometimes as mothers? Just keep it all together, right? If mom is a puddle of tears on the floor, who is going to chase the naked toddler and get her dressed? Who is going to make sure the kids brush their teeth, their hair, and hopefully wear clothes that match? Who is going to make sure they don’t murder each other during their 3,000 fights a day?
One particular morning, I had to get a biopsy done and find out just how big this “scare” was going to be.  I was terrified (partly because of the needle and the other part because of what the results could be) but I kept quiet and went about my morning.  Thankfully, my husband was there to chase the naked toddler and hold down the fort at home while I went.  I was all ready to go, but still felt alone.  When I walked out my front door I found out I was NOT ALONE.
You see, I have these women in my life who truly listen to God and know when a friend needs to feel loved. I walked out my front door to find what could only be described as a “Love Chase.”  There were heart-shaped notes and scriptures all over my garage telling me the truth.  I AM loved.  I am NOT ALONE.  He loves me! These women love me!
My morning went different than expected.  I felt calm and at peace about the entire situation. I didn’t feel alone during the biopsy.  I was also at peace during the waiting for the results.  GOD knew that I needed to hear His truth and used my friends to show me this.
God is serious about caring for each of us. And He often uses US to do the caring.   If someone is on your heart and mind, God might be trying to tell you something.  Listen.  Love them. I assure you, it makes a difference.
Have you ever been Love Chased? Or have you ever been a part of a Love Chase?  We would love it if you shared your experience with us in the comments below.  

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