Weekly Challenge & Tools

We are starting week 4 of our Back to School series with one of the most important lessons we may have forgotten from our childhood - take a nap.  We are created in the image of God, and God rested.  After creating the universe, God didn't say, "Okay I better hurry up and get the next thing on my list done."  No, He RESTED.  There were constant demands on Jesus's time, but He chose to get away and rest.  He even napped while in a boat that was close to capsizing during a severe storm.  Yet we, instead of following suit with our Creator's examples, find ourselves in the middle of the demands and storms of our lives, and the first thing to be thrown out the window is rest. This week's challenge reminds us to practice taking a break.  This can be actual physical rest, or a mental breather.  The form of the "nap" can look very different depending on our unique lives.  (How many times have you laid down only to toss and turn as your mind goes around and around a problem you are facing?)  You might choose to go on a peaceful walk, bake or cook, color, journal, dance, stretch, read, meditate, take an actual nap, or something completely different.  If you find this difficult, ask God how you can choose to renew and refresh this week.  Then, make the bold decision to do just that, regardless of your busy and overwhelming circumstances.  Pause, and take in the the important lesson to be learned from "taking a nap."  

Music can be a very powerful tool in helping us to unplug.  It can quickly get us out of our minds and calm our body and spirit.  Try listening to this week's song as your chosen way of resting.  Commit to stopping in the middle of the busyness of your life and taking a couple minutes to listen to this song while taking a few slow, deep breaths.  Pay attention.  Is there a change in how you feel?  If there is a song you find that calms you and provides rest, please share it with us!  Or comment below with how you choose to "take a nap." 

How many times have you felt like Jesus and the disciples in this week's verse, where they didn't even have time to eat?  Moms get that!  How often are you eating the scraps left on your family's plates, or just grabbing something really fast before your next meeting?  Jesus speaks right into that reality and says to them and us, "Come off by yourselves and get a little rest."  Let's take that command to heart this week and find ways and spaces to get a little rest.  This week's meditation is one tool you might consider using in this practice.  Find a quiet space (we have found that this can be anywhere from our closet, kitchen pantry, our bathroom, or even the car) and carve out a few minutes to play the meditation.  Notice how that little rest can change you.